Paying Your Mexican Property Taxes


Property Taxes in Mexico typically are very low compared to most parts of Canada and the United States. The tax amount for each year is available after the 7th of January each year. You can check your property taxes on line by going to and click on PAGAR PREDIAL ONLINE input your Clave Catastral. Make sure to include any hyphens exactly as it appears on your last statement or in your trust or escritura. You may also call 624-146-7600 to dial from USA or Canada dial 011-52 and then the number

The Clave Catastral is your property tax Id number. You will find this number written on the deed to your property usually where the property description is. Put the number into the box. Then click Buscar.


2022 Property taxes can be paid through January and  February for a 20% discount and in March for up to 10% discount and 5% discount in April.  They can also be paid every two months if you cannot pay for the entire year at one time. In this case using the online system you change the two months period you wish to consult by changing the number to 1 for one two month period or 2 for the four month period or 3 for six months period and so on. Payments in increments do not receive the tax discounts.


Even though the property taxes in Mexico are inexpensive the penalties for non payment or late payment of property taxes are high. And the penalty will also compound. In many cases of non payment of property taxes the penalties compounding can add up daily. If you have never paid your property taxes or are delinquent for many years the city can place a lien on your property. They will try to contact you by the address on record on your Fideicomiso. If contact is not made by that avenue they may deliver notice to the home owners association (if you have one) for your property here in Mexico. If they cannot reach you or you do not respond the lien will remain for a time period and the property will be put up for auction. This is common practice in many countries.


Keep in mind with billing in Mexico of credit cards, water, electricity, trust fee's payments etc, and property tax payments it is the responsibility of the property owner to be diligent in remembering to pay and when. Property tax bills are not "mailed", but they have been working to get their online system up to date where they can then email statements for annual taxes.


The on line payment system is not always reliable so if you do get your payment to go through it is important for you to also check physically at the tax office with your payment receipt to make sure that your clave catastral (tax Id) has been credited accordingly. If the online system does not accept your payment you can have your property manager pay it for you or there are several companies locally that will help you to pay the tax if you wire the money to them and then they will physically go and pay it and provide you with the official receipt of payment.


So pay your property taxes and keep them current.


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